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Am I Ready To Build My Own Home?

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Below Are Some Questions That May Help You Address Your Concerns About Building Your Own Home.

1. Have we chosen the right piece of land?
With us it was easy. We vacationed on our land and repeatedly said "I wish we lived here !! "
a. Will the site be large enough once our house, septic, water, and driveway, are up?
b. Has the soil been tested for proper water drainage?
c. Has the site been surveyed and are the boundaries marked?
d. Are you comfortable with the zoning laws of the area? How much of the building process will it be legal for you to do without a contractor?

2. Do we have sufficient financing?
Unless you are a licensed contractor, all you will get is a chuckle from a loan officer, if you ask for a mortgage to build your own home!!
a. Do we have any start up cash?
b. How is our credit?
c. Can we open an account with our local home and lumber store?
d. Are we comfortable being imaginative and flexible with financing?

3. How is our physical and emotional health?
I had been laid up for over year and a half prior to building my home. I was unable to lift even a half gallon of milk or put on my own shoes, due to 3 herniated discs in my back. So even if your handicapped: where thereís a will thereís is a way. Just be sure to be safe and consult your doctor if need be.
a. Can we lift and carry building materials?
b. Can we work long hours at our day job, then come home and work even harder on the house?
c. Can our mind handle the constant barrage of hurdles to overcome?
d. How do we handle stress both individually and as a couple?
e. Are we comfortable with heights?
d. How stable is our relationship? Are we supportive of one another?
I'm happy to say that building our own home brought us closer together.

4. What do we want our house to look like?
We chose a plain exterior to keep property taxes to a minimum. We concentrated our efforts on the interior of the house, which is where we spend most of our time, up here in Northern New England.
a. Is the style of home that we chose doable by ourselves?
b. What size do we need the house to be?
c. Will the house fit in with the rest of the homes in the area? If that is a concern...
d. Will we be overextending ourselves financially and or physically?
e. Can we find a compromise between the house we want and the house we can afford?
f. Do we believe that we can build a professionally build home?
Personally, the greatest compliment anyone can give me is to tell me that they canĎt believe I built the house myself, because it looks like a regular house.

5. How are our math skills? or Do we own a calculator?
You donít need to be a math genius, but you do have to know how to use a calculator, and how to be very accurate with all of your measurements. If you are planning to build your own roof trusses, you do need some geometry background.
a. Are we comfortable with using a calculator for basic math functions?
b. Are we comfortable working with basic angles?
c. Can we learn to read a measuring tape to the 16th or 32nd of an inch?

6. What is our experience with tools?
If you donít want your home to look lop sided and Amateurish, using professional quality accurate tools is very important. As well as using the right tool for the job. However that being said, most of the tools that I used, I had never even heard of before.
a. Can we read a measuring tape?
b. Are we comfortable using dangerous power tools?
c. Are we willing to spend some of the house money on accurate and powerful tools?
d. Are we willing to devote time to learning how to use each tool accurately and safely?

7.You could go to your local Shopping Mart and pick up most of your building tools at a lower cost, but in the long run that will cost you more money and much more time (and headaches). I canít emphasize this enough... you are much better off both in the short run and long run, to buy accurate and durable tools. You must also buy all of the required tools needed for each project!!! There are no shortcuts...Your house needs to withstand the elements, extreme weather, and time. Plus you don't want to have to spend even more money hiring professionals to fix your mistakes...

7. Finally, are we willing and able to take on this huge risk?
Our situation was extreme: We had no financing to speak of, I was physically handicapped, We lived 3 hours away from the job site, and we both had full time jobs, We knew absolutely no one in the building site area, and most of all, Everyone we knew thought that we were absolutely crazy to take on such an enormous task without the slightest once of experience...
a. Are you willing to risk money?
b. Are you willing to risk your future home?
c. Are you willing to be seen as an irresponsible risk taker for a while?
d. Lastly and most importantly. How badly do you want and need this home?

Are you discouraged yet? Donít worry itís normal if you are. We all go through it!!!   We are here to help you!!


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