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How To Design Your Own Home

How To Build Your Own Home e-book available

Before You Begin

Tools Of The Trade

Building Permit Plans

Excavating Home Site

Laying Drain Pipes

Prepping For Slab

Pouring The Slab

Installing Sill Plate

cutting Outside Wall Parts

Building Outside Walls

Framing & Raising interior Walls

Exterior Wall Sheathing

Cutting Out Openings

Wrapping The House

Preparing For Roof Trusses

Gettin Roof Trusses Ready

Raising Roof Trusses

Sheathing The Roof

Preping For Shingles

Shingling The Roof

Selecting Doors/Windows

Installing Doors/Windows

Preparing For Siding

Types Of

How To Select Siding

Siding The House

Siding Soffits & Trim

Installing Strapping


  • Designing your new home can be done in a variety of ways. You can hire an Architectural firm to draw up blueprints. The cost usually ranges between $2000 - $5000, depending on the firm you choose and the complexity of your home.

    Professionally Drawn Blueprints

  • A second option is to purchase 3-D design software that will help you through the design process. These can be quite costly and can be quite challenging for someone with little design experience. You will also need to make sure that your computer matches the system requirements of the software you are purchasing.

    3D Home Design Software

  • A Third option is to purchase plans online. Many companies advertise house plans of all different types. You will have to research the various companies online.

    House Plans Online

  • A fourth option is to draw up the plans yourself. All you really need for this project are paper, pencil, an eraser, and a ruler. We will take you through an example of drawing up your own plans below.

  • The choice is yours to make. You will need to think about the amount of funds you have allocated for this portion of the project. You will also have to enquire with your local town office to see if they have any requirements in this area. Some local codes require professionally drawn blueprints along with detailed drawings of the exterior of the home. We were lucky in the sense that our local codes didn't require us to show the inspector any plans. We were able to draw up very basic plans which are shown at the bottom of the page.

    1. Using a pencil, draw a line outlining the outside dimensions of your home, labelling the dimenssions of each outside wall. If you are building a two story house, this will be the bottom floor of your house.

    It helps to set a standard for converting actual dimensions to those on paper. For example one foot of the actual home can equal 1/4 inch on paper. This will help to keep your drawing in perspective.


    Measure and draw all inside walls, including any closets or pantries. Make sure to label dimensions for each. At this point make several copies of the house plan you have so far. You will need them at a later time. You might also find it helpfull to write the name of each room (Kitchen, Pantry, Bedroom...)


    Draw in all windows and doors. Write in dimessions of each one.

    Windows can be represented by simply erasing the portion of the wall containing a window or by drawing a line with 2 perpendicular ends. Draw and label the direction in which the doors will open.


    Repeat all of the above for any additional floor plans.

    Below is the design of the first floor of our home. As you can tell we chose an open concept for 1/2 the house. Lines drawn in red represent doors. Lines with 2 perpendicula ends represent windows.


    Congratulations You Have A Design Of The Walls, Windows, And Doors, Of Your House !!

    {Next Step: Designing Permit Plans}


    Please contact us with any questions or coments at: Customer Service