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How To Build Your Own Home

How To Build Your Own Home e-book available CLICK HERE

Before You Begin

Tools Of The Trade

Designing Your Home

Building Permit Plans

Excavating Home Site

Laying Drain Pipes

Prepping For Slab

Pouring The Slab

Installing Sill Plate

cutting Outside Wall Parts

Building Outside Walls

Framing & Raising interior Walls

Exterior Wall Sheathing

Cutting Out Openings

Wrapping The House

Preparing For Roof Trusses

Gettin Roof Trusses Ready

Raising Roof Trusses

Sheathing The Roof

Preping For Shingles

Shingling The Roof

Selecting Doors/Windows

Installing Doors/Windows

Preparing For Siding

Types Of Siding

How To Select Siding

Siding The House

Siding Soffits & Trim

Installing Strapping

Site Map

  • During these uncertain economic times we must re-evaluate our lives. We can no longer borrow money without a care. In the past, if you had a steady job and your credit was fair, you were able to acquire a home mortgage.

    View Of The Front Of Our House Taken From The Road.

  • This is no longer the case. Now banks won't lend to people who have great jobs and outstanding credit. If They can't get a loan, where does that leave the rest of us.

  • Between the lack of credit and the exhorbitant prices of homes, it seems like only the wealthy will be able to afford to own their own home. What do WE do if we want to own a home?

  • One option is to build your own home. You can build your entire home yourself as I did, or you can do portions of the work yourself. The more work you do yourself, the less it will cost you.

    View Of The Side And Back Of The House.

  • We have developed this website to take you through every step of the home building process. We have tried to be as thorough as possible every step of the way.

  • I wish that we had a site like this one at our disposal when we were building. It would have certainly simplified the process. This is why I decided to help others become home owners.

  • Building your own home doesn't have to mean living in a home that looks home made. If you follow these steps you can build a professionally built house. One that looks like it was built by a contractor.

  • We built our new home in 2003 and we have been living in it ever since. It's a great home and a wonderful place to live. Having built it myself enabled me to build the exact home that I wanted to own. We love it here.

  • If you think that you can't build your own home because you have no building experience, I suggest that you read "Our Story."

    We Finally Landscaped Our Front Yard This Year Hence The Small Shrubs.

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