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How To Wrap A House With A Moisture Barrier

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All of the walls are now erect and stable. The rough openings are cut out and almost ready for doors and windows. All that is left to do is to protect the exterior of the house with a moisture barrier. We are now going to wrap the house with House Wrap.

  • How to install House Wrap.

  • How to fasten the House Wrap to the sheathing.

  • How to cut out window and door openings?

  • Cut off excess paper around the slab.

How To Cover A The Exterior Of Your Home With A Moisture Barrier.

  1. How to install the House Wrap.

    • Try to purchase rolls of House Wrap that fits the entire height of your walls. Covering the house with one sheet of paper is better than having to overlap two sheets.

    • Begin about 2' from one corner stapling the end of the paper to the house.

    • Wrap around that corner and on down the wall.

    • Be sure to keep the roll straight, and stapling the paper to the plywood or OSB, as you go.

    • Continue around the house being sure to cover down to the slab and up over the cap plate.

    • If you run out and must start another roll, then overlap the ends by at least 6" and staple one to the other and begin rolling out the next roll.

    • As you proceed down the exterior of the house, be generous with staples and keep wrinkles out of the wrap.

  2. How to cut out rough openings. (If you choose to, you can wait to cut out rough openings right before you are ready to install windows and doors. This will protect the interior of the house once the roof is on. However, you do run the risk of having the paper be blown off by the wind.)

    • Using a utility knife, cut an "X" into all rough openings. Cut from top left corner of the opening to the bottom right corner at a diagonal. Repeat from the top right to bottom left corner.

    • You should have 2 diagonal cuts in the shape of an "X".

    • You are now left with 4 triangular flaps of house wrap. One at each side of the opening. Fold each flap over to the inside of the house, using it to wrap each side of the rough opening.

    • Repeat above procedure for door openings as well. There is no need to do this for the bottom flap of the door opening.

    • You should end up with rough openings entirely covered with House Wrap. This will help to protect from any moisture that might seep in through windows or doors.

    Cut The Paper Along The Dotted Line, Then Fold It Back Over The Rough Opening To Cover Each Side Of The Opening

  3. If applicable, overlap House Wrap onto cap plate and staple to the inside of the plate.

  4. Cut any house wrap that is hanging over onto the slab.


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