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How To Cut Out Rough Openings

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Compared to what we have done so far, this is a fairly simple step. All of the walls are up, the sheathing is up, so the next logical step is to cut out all windows and doors. You will need a reciprocating saw (sawsall) and a drill with a drill bit larger than the size of your saw blade.

  • How to drill holes to prepare for cutting.

  • How to cut exterior sheathing.

  • How to replace exterior bracing where needed.

  • How to cut bottom plates.

Cutting Out Rought Openings For Doors And Windows.

All Rough Opnenings Must Be Cut Out From Windows And Doors.

  1. How to cut holes

    • From the interior of the house, locate the corners of the window rough opening and drill a hole at each corner.

    • Holes must be large enough to allow your reciprocating saw blade to fit through them.

    • Repeat this process at all window rough openings.

    • For Door Rough Openings, you only need to drill holes at the top corners, since you will be cutting through the bottom plate.

  2. How to cut the exterior sheathing.

    • Once the holes are cut, place your saw blade into one of the holes, and begin cutting while resting your blade against the rough opening.

    • You will be cutting out the entire rough opening therefore, which direction you choose to cut out first won't matter.

    • Cut against the wood all of the way down to the next hole. You must be careful not to cut into the wood.

    • Repeat process against headers and rough sills, until the entire rough opening has been cut out.

    • Be careful not to get hit by the falling sheet as you cut the last bit. If it doesn't fall out on its own, then knock it out with your hammer.

    • When cutting out door rough openings, cut down from the holes at each corner and cut down through the bottom plate down to the slab.

    • Finally, cut across from one hole to the next at the top of the opening. Again being careful not to have the sheet fall on you.

    Cutting Out The Sheathing From A Doorway.

  3. How to brace the walls

    • As you cut out each rough opening, check to make sure the wall is still plumb.

    • Nail one end of a 2"x 4" to the inside of the rough opening and the other end to a stake outside of the house.

{Next Step: Wrapping The House}


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