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How To Select Doors And Windows

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Before You Begin

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Designing Your Home

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Laying Drain Pipes

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Pouring The Slab

Installing Sill Plate

cutting Outside Wall Parts

Building Outside Walls

Framing & Raising interior Walls

Exterior Wall Sheathing

Cutting Out Openings

Wrapping The House

Preparing For Roof Trusses

Gettin Roof Trusses Ready

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Preping For Shingles

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Installing Doors/Windows

Preparing For Siding

Types Of

How To Select Siding

Siding The House

Siding Soffits & Trim

Installing Strapping


You are now ready to select the type of doors and windows you will be ordering for your new home. You will have many things to think about before finalizing your decision. There are many options out there. Products vary in style, shape, color, price, material, composition, and texture. You will have many questions to answer before making your final decision.

  • How to choose windows.

  • How to choose doors.

  1. How to select windows for your new home.

    • Like every decision you have had to make about your new home so far, you must take into consideration a number of variables.

    • Your windows will not only add to the aesthetic beauty of your home, they also protect you against the elements.

    • Thermal protection is certainly a major consideration when deciding on the type of windows to purchase.

    • Whether you live in a warm, moderate, or cold, climate, thermal protection applies to you. It applies to both the heating and cooling aspect of the house.

    • Thermal Protection functions to keep heat in during winter months, cool air in during warm months.

    • The higher the thermal protection rating of the window, the more regular your home environment will be, and the more comfortable you will be.

    • Impact resistance is also an important factor to consider.

    • Impact Resistance refers to the ability of the glass to resist impact from external forces like wind, hail, birds, and kids toys.

    • Impact resistance also applies to internal forces as well. If you have young children in the home, you must consider the possibility of a child accidentally breaking a window either with a toy, or with their bodies (some states require windows that are built low to the floor, to be impact resistant and shatter proof.)

    • Consideration for aesthetic value is also important. Not only for your personal satisfaction, but also for the resale value of your home.

    • Below are some questions you might find useful. Keep in mind that some of these questions need to be answered prior to the framing process. Such as size, type, and shape, of each window.

      • What style of house am I building?

      • Would I prefer wood trim or vinyl trim ( if you are planning on using vinyl siding, then its a good idea to buy vinyl windows?)

      • What color window trim would fit my house?

      • What shape window would I like?

      • Would I prefer two smaller windows or a single larger one, such as a bay window?

      • Do I want grills in the glass?

      • What size window would look better from the interior and from the exterior?

      • Do I want sliders or regular windows ( if you have back or neck issues, then sliders is the way to go?)

      • Do I want single hung or double hung windows?

      • Do I need windows that pull out from the interior for ease of maintenance, or will my windows be accessible from the outside?

      • Do I want low maintenance vinyl windows or would I rather have the flexibility of painting my windows?

      • Do I want single, double, or triple, glazed windows?

      • Did I plan for an egress window where required by law ( a window large enough to escape through in case of emergency?)

  2. How to select exterior doors.

    • Selecting exterior doors for your home is a similar process to selecting windows. The difference being the selection. Depending on your location, you can have literally hundreds of doors to choose from.

    • All of the variables you took into consideration when choosing windows such as; Impact resistance and thermal protection, must also be considered for exterior doors.

    • Below are some questions that you may find helpful. Again, keep in mind that some of these questions need to be answered prior to the framing process.

      • What material would I prefer the door be made out of wood, metal, or vinyl?

      • What shape would I prefer the door to be?

      • Would I prefer a solid door to a foam core door?

      • Do I want a door with or without glazing?

      • What type and style of glass would I prefer?

      • Would I like skylights on both sides, or just one side?

      • Do I want a single door or a double door?

      • Will I be installing a storm door?

      • How many doors will I need?

      • Is security an issue?

      • What is the cost?

      • Do I want a pre-hung door?


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