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How To Select The Siding For Your House

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Before You Begin

Tools Of The Trade

Designing Your Home

Building Permit Plans

Excavating Home Site

Laying Drain Pipes

Prepping For Slab

Pouring The Slab

Installing Sill Plate

cutting Outside Wall Parts

Building Outside Walls

Framing & Raising interior Walls

Exterior Wall Sheathing

Cutting Out Openings

Wrapping The House

Preparing For Roof Trusses

Gettin Roof Trusses Ready

Raising Roof Trusses

Sheathing The Roof

Preping For Shingles

Shingling The Roof

Selecting Doors/Windows

Installing Doors/Windows

Preparing For Siding

Types Of

Siding The House

Siding Soffits & Trim

Installing Strapping


Choosing siding is similar to choosing any other component of your house. The more informed you are, the more productive your decision will be. It might help you to make a list of the pros and cons of each type of siding available to you.
The choices you have made to this point have been based on what the house will look like when it is finished. Now is the time to choose the siding. The siding of a house is what ties everything on the exterior of the house together. Your house will finally have a finished look. It will transform what now looks like a jobsite into a home site .

  • What are the different Types of Siding?

  • How do I choose from the variety of different types of Siding.

  • How do I select the color of the siding?

  • How do I select the texture of the siding?

  • How do I calculate how much siding I will need?

  1. How do I choose from the many varieties of siding?

Characteristics Of Each Type Of Siding

This Chart Describes The Characteristics Of Each Type Of Siding such as: Is the Siding Washable,Paintable,Stainable,The Degree Of Difficulty Of Installation, And The Availability Of Selctions.

  1. Below is a list of questions you can ask yourself to help you select the right siding for you.

    • What style of house am I going for?

    • How much experience if any do I have installing siding?

    • What are my financial limitations?

    • Is maintaining the siding going to be an issue for me?

    • Which type of siding will go with the local surroundings?

    • Will my siding of choice coincide with the type of house I have built?

    • Will the siding I select complement surrounding homes?

    • How will the local climate changes affect various siding types?

    • What type of preparatory work needs to be in place prior to installing each type of siding?

    • Do I plan on painting or staining my home periodically?

    • Would I prefer a siding made of natural substances or man made substances?

    • Are there any limitations as to which types of sidings are available in my particular area?

    • Which look do I prefer?

      • Modern

      • Traditional

      • Country

      • Rustic

      • Historic

      • Contemporary

      • Eclectic

  2. Below are samples of homes with the various types of siding:

    Vinyl Siding Is Both Economical And Easy To Maintain Aluminum Siding Was Popular In The 60's Clapboard Siding Can Be Painted Or Stained Planking Can Be Used To Side A House Seamless Steel Siding Is Made To Order Shingles Can Be Painted Or Stained Shakes Can Be Kept Natural Stucco Siding Gives A House A Mediteranean Feel. A House Sided With Plywood Doesn't Have To Look Like A Shack. Stone Siding Can Be Made Of Authentic Stones Or Imitation Stones A House Sided With Brick Siding Can Last A Century. A House Sided With Composite Wood Siding A House Made With Log Siding Resembles An Authentic Log Home

  3. A fun method that can be of assistance to your decision making process, is to drive around your area taking pictures of homes that you like. This will enable you to view the various types of siding first hand, and see which is preferable to you.

  4. How do I choose the color and texture of my siding?

    • Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you make your selection. ( I'm sure you will come up with questions of your own as well.)

      • Which color and texture complements the style of the house?

      • Which color and texture complements the home site and neighborhood?

      • Which color and texture do I prefer?

      • what are the maintenance issues with a particular color and texture?

  5. How do I calculate how much siding I will need?

    • When calculating siding, you will need to know the area of each portion of the house that will be covered with siding.

      • You will also need to know the area of every portion of the house that won't be covered with siding. Such as windows and doors.

      • You will then subtract one from the other, and the result will give you the total area to be covered in siding.

        • Total area of every outside wall of your house.

          • Multiply the length x height of each wall.

          • Add all of the area totals together for a total walls surface area.

        • Total area of all Gable Ends or triangular walls.

          • Multiply 1/2 the base x the height of each.

          • Add all of the area totals together.

        • Add both of the areas totals together to get a total surface area of the house.

Measure The Area Of All Exterior Surfaces Including Gable Ends.

    • Next, calculate the area of each window and door in the same manner. Length x height = area

    • Add the total area of windows and doors together for a total area not to be covered with siding.

Measure The Area Of Each Window And Door

    • Subtract the total area of all windows and doors from the total surface area of the house, and the result will give you the total area to be covered in siding.

      • Total Surface Area - Area Of Windows & Doors = Total Area For Siding

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