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How To Install A Sill Plate

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We are now ready to start building the walls. The first step in building walls on a slab is to lay sill plates. The Sill Plate will secure the home to the slab. It will also serve as a nailing surface and moisture barrier between the walls and the slab.

  • Prepare pressure treated lumber
  • How to fit sill plate
  • how to locate and drill holes for anchor bolts
  • how to lay insulation
  • How to the secure sill plate to the slab
  • Order your Roof Trusses

The Sill Plate Is Fastened Securely To The Slab

  1. Prepare pressure treated lumber

    • If you are building your house with 2'x 6' lumber, your sill plate will consist of 2'x 6' pressure treated lumber.

    • Lay the lumber end for end along the perimeter of the slab, and measure to fit.

    • Cut the lumber to size and lay each piece next to its assigned position along the perimeter of the slab.

    • Now you must mark the location of the holes to drill out on the lumber, to fit over the corresponding anchor bolts.

    • You must take two measurements for each bolt.

    • The first measurement is from the edge of the slab to the bolt.

    • The second measurement is taken from the bolt to the edge of the slab immediately behind it. Add 1/4" to this measurement to allow the sill plate will set 1/4" in from the edge of the slab.

    • Repeat these measurements for each bolt.

    • transcribe the measurements onto the corresponding piece of lumber to get the exact location of the bolt onto the board.

Transcribe The Measurements Onto The Boards Prior To Drilling For The Anchor Bolts

    • Drill a hole at each mark on the boards. Make sure the holes are large enough for the bolts to fit through easily but not large enough to allow the washers and nuts through.

  1. Roll out pink insulation along the perimeter of the slab and press over anchor bolts. This will create a barrier between the concrete and sill plate.

    A Roll Of Insulation Is Used To Insulate The Sill Plate From The Concrete

  2. How to lay the sill plate.

    • Be sure to lay the sill plate about 1/8"-1/4" from the edge of the slab. This will serve as a lip to hold the sheathing at a later time.

    • Align the boards along the perimeter of the slab fitting the bolts through holes.

    • Be sure to check board alignment ensuring that there are no gaps all of the way around the slab.

    • Once all boards are lined up, and the corners are square, secure the sill plate to the slab.

    • Place the washers and nuts over the bolts and tighten each securely.

    The Secured Sill Plate Sits On Green Foam Insulation

  3. This would be a good time to order your Roof Trusses


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