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Before You Begin


Tools Of The Trade

Designing Your Home

Building Permit Plans


Drain Pipes

Prepping For Slab

Pouring Slab

Installing Sill Plate

cutting Outside Wall Parts

Building Outside Walls

Framing & Raising interior Walls

Exterior Sheathing

Cutting Out Openings

Wrapping The House

Preparing For Roof Trusses

Gettin Roof Trusses Ready

Raising Roof Trusses

Sheathing The Roof

Preping For Shingles

Shingling The Roof

selecting Doors And Windows

Installing Doors And Windows

Preparing For Siding

Types Of Siding

How To Select Siding

Siding The House

Siding Soffits & Trim

Installing Strapping


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<a href="http://www.BIYTODAY.COM/" target="_blank"><B> How To Build Your Own Home </a> - <p align=justify> Are You Thinking Of Building Your Own Home, Or Remodelling Your Existing Home? We Have Detailed Instruction Showing You Each Step Of The Building Process. You Can Also Order A Transcript Of Our Website To Take With You To Your Building Site.


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